4 reasons why you should consider going to white-garment churches. Take note of 1 and 4

4 reasons why you should consider going to white-garment churches. Take note of 1 and 4

A lot of people tend to misunderstand white garment churches. Although from the way some bad people who hide under the umbrella of the “White-Garment” churches have misled some innocent souls, those victims can decide to generalize all garment churches to be bad.

But let it be remembered that there are a lot of bad people who don’t hide under the umbrella of white – garment churches and yet mislead and even dupe innocent souls, we will not decide not to go to church becauseof them.

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Here are 4 Key benefits of going to ( Celestial Church or Cherubim and Seraphim ) white garment churches:

Visions: Yes, every church could see visions about their members and warn them before hand depending on whether they have that type of person in the church but it can’t be denied that White-Garment churches devote more time and energy into that and even have prophet and prophetesses who go into trance for days or weeks just to deliver visions. This is not as common as that in other churches.

Praise: White-Garment churches are known more for their vibes when it comes to praise, and even God let it known that the only food we can give to him is Praises and through that, you can even get your prayer requests answered before asking.

Prayers: White-Garment churches tend to devote more time to praying than other churches. They spend more time in church, they don’t always give short time services as they believe the service would only go as the spirit leads.

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Accommodation: Unlike other churches that open when they have service / programs alone, Celestial and Cherubim churches are known to always build apartments in same compound where the church is. There’s no time you go to their churches that you won’t meet people and they tend to accommodate people who are homeless or people who have been instructed to stay in the church premises for days or weeks.

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