Angry soldiers assault a friendly civilian for merely saying “you’re beautiful”.

Soldiers are said to be civilian-friendly but an innocent man has learnt that the saying might not necessarily be true after all.

Angry soldiers assault a friendly civilian for merely saying “you’re beautiful” (video) A

disheartening video shows a group of uniform soldiers

taking their turns to assault a harmless civilian.
His offence, from the video was that he passed a compliment at one of the soldiers who happens to be a female.

She got offended by the man’s compliment that she “looks beautiful”.

The video shows the soldiers surrounding the man whiles he kneels on the ground.

The officers could be seen taking turns to slap him several times and kicking him with their boot before dragging him on the ground.

The victim could be heard crying and pleading for mercy but that only infuriated the soldiers more.

The sad incident is reported to have happened in Nigeria.

Some people believed to be civilians could also be seen filming the assault.

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