Armed Robbers led Victims to the ATM, Transfer Life Savings To Strange First Bank Account

Unsuspected passengers of a commercial bus were on Sunday held to ransom and robbed on Sunday.

According to the report gave by the relative of one of the victims, “My friend and many others were robbed at Gbagada, Lagos, on Sunday after boarding a ‘one-chance’ bus. The robbers took them to a @ZenithBank at Gbagada, where all she’d saved up to rent an apartment was withdrawn from her @gtbank acct & transferred to their first bank account. All the N550,000. Everything!

“It was a ruthless operation. The passengers who gave fake pins were stabbed; one even had his knee cap dislocated with a hammer!Since she told me yesterday, I have been sad.But I’m even sadder because she doesn’t want to explore any recovery option that unsettles the banks involved or puts her name in the public. Her mum fears such move could hurt her chances of getting a job with any of the banks someday,” the relative, Fisayo Soyombo said.

According to Mr Soyombo, the victim has lodged a complaint at “GTB but there’s no headway yet. Meanwhile, she’s previously been a victim of illegal funds transfer; she lodged an internal complaint with her bank but the money was never retrieved.

“5. It’s very worrying that in this era of BVN, robbers can get away with illegal funds transfer involving three banks yet the culprits will go scot-free. It’s even more worrying that she and her mum don’t want any external pressure on the banks,” he said.

Many however believed the strange development which is very common in Lagos may increase due to many Okada riders that are presently out of business.

Responding to Mr Soyombo’s tweet on the incident, a tweeter handler, Bisi Adediran also alleged that thieves now easily away with strange money transfers.

According to her, “My sister had the same experience, her phone was stolen and money was transfered from her 2 accounts @gtbank and @PolarisBankLtd and since Jan 2, they have not been able to render any help to apprehend the person. They aid these thieves, and it is pathetic and shocking!,” but Polaris bank immediately responded and opt to resolve the issue.

“Hi @BisiAdediran, Your feedback caught our attention, kindly provide your sister’s account number and her mobile number via DM to further to enable us to assist her better. Thank you.”

First Bank had also requested for further information and promised to help resolve the person behind the beneficiary account.

“Hello @fisayosoyombo , we are really sorry to learn about your friend’s ordeal. Please advise her to contact her bank to make a formal complaint as promptly as possible. And we promise to assist as we should when the complaint gets to us,” First Bank said.

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