Covid-19 isolation center in Kogi state collapse.

Covid-19 isolation center in Kogi state collapse.

Kogi state witnessed a stormy rain during the early hours of Thursday that saw the isolation centre for Covid-19 case victims torn down to rubbles. The said isolation centre is located inside the federal medical centre in lokoja.

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This is an issue of serious concern to the citizen of the state admit growing fear of salient infection in the state. The governor has assured the citizen of readiness and went a step further to launch an “app” network to facilitate easy reporting of suspected cases even in the rural area. Till date, there has been no response case of Covid-19 infection and everything is really peaceful and moving cordially.

With the growing concerns about the national rise in the Covid-19 cases, there is serious advocacy to all and sundry to maintain social distancing and ensure hygienic practice to curb the spread of the virus. This is also evidence in kogi as the number of people seen wearing facemask publicly has increased despite no reported case yet in the state.

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The said rainy storm also destroyed many properties around the town. Many houses lost their roofing . Also some street lights gave way to the force of the wind. As we pick up our rubbles, don’t forget to Stay safe. Don’t be a covidiot.

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