Poor Governance (Poem) 2020

Poor Governance (Poem)
~ Patrick Owolabi.

Born to struggle
Till our sweat become
A water to drink
Blessed nation
Poor governance is the virus.

No functional health care
As player died on the field
Hospital is now a morgue
For innocent souls
As they are not equipped
We have lost more than
Above listed but don’t what to say.

Poor Governance (Poem)

Education is no more for the poor
As our industries are read dirge in the grave
We pay them to be protecting us
Alas, we become the victims of our protector
As our security are killing us daily.

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Our Town in darkness
As road become a narrow
Way to the world beyond
Yet, it is triumphant entry for ballot boxes
In election periods.

Poor Governance (Poem)

We are searching for development
But bring Buhari who owned 136 cows since
1986 to govern 190 million
Roman was not built in one day
But foundation didn’t take 50 years.


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