Proofs To Show That Dead People Living In Another State Or City Truly Exist

Reincarnation is possible and has been proves several times.

A Facebook user named Msoo Ikyaagba has explained how the story happened.

“Alright for those of you that are stating isn’t correct it is genuine it occurs here in gboko Benue State any QROGA here?

I can recollect something like this that occurs in 2003 or so a delightful woman murdered herself since she was request to repeat a class so in the wake of slaughtering herself she appeared to her school mate in the school hostel and was conversing with them disclosing to her closest companion that she isn’t returning to that very school again she is setting off to another school revealing to them she was going to miss them yet me as a lesser that time.

I just know that she was around I didn’t go there she remained with them for quite a while before she left so the following day the chief declare to everybody that her dad called that she killed herself half a month prior that is her coming around she was in the morgue everybody was confused.

I trust the evidence speak for itself”

Another Facebook user named Yeye Muibi-Osindele has shared another incident that happened to her relation some years back

“My second cousin who was supported on a grant to examine a sort of room building in mid 80s kicked the bucket in an auto crash along Lagos-Ibadan express road , that week he showed up Nigeria. He was the first in my family to travel abroad. He was to be a teacher of a Dept in OAU to show the program. He burned through 8years abroad.

It has been accounted for by hardly any individuals that aren’t mindful of his passing that they seen him in Lagos at a similar brew parlor and continually purchasing beverages for everybody. We didn’t try to examine so he can enjoy the existence he never had (children and spouse)”

If You Have Witnessed Any Similar Case Or Situation Like This Before, Kindly Comment Below

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