See What This Slay Queen Was Caught Doing in a Bank That Got People Talking.

At a point in life, we were all novice/new to one thing or the other.

I could remember my first time of using an elevator, I would have got stuck in there if not for the operator that was present. The reason is, I didn’t know I had to press anything for the elevator to stop at the 7th floor I was going. I thought it will stop at every floor and the door will open for me. No be my fault ohhhhh😂😂😂😂😂

A beautiful lady in a Ghanian bank, who don’t know how to use water dispenser.


The lady was seen looking at the dispenser, wondering how to get water from it as she was holding her disposable cup, looking round the dispenser.

(Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with her inability to use water dispenser, I blame those standing and laughing her instead of helping her out).

One thing I noticed is that, the lady was all smiling as she struggled to get water out of the dispenser.

What is that odd situation you’ve found yourself and how did you handle the embarrassment/situation?

Drop your comments, let’s hear your own story..

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