student from a divorced home


Student from a divorced home
Student from a divorced home


The main focus of this, is to find out the effect of divorce and unsettled home on student academic performance.

Our society has been faced with some social problems most especially divorce related problems, going by the social findings and some children confessions the separated families have suffered the consequential effects of this social issue.

In recent times divorce as been the main studies among the scientists.


Divorce can be explained as the legal termination of marriage or as a total separation of a married couples. And its the legal dissolution of marriage

The first dignity of a woman was the happiness from living under the same roof with her husband not minding the economic pressure until death puts them apart.

Some few decades ago divorce and desertion were common among men and woman, today many married couples are no more together due to divorce issue. It has been observed that many married couples of nowadays make less effort to stay together unlike our parents of old who were embodiments of Endurance within the family system.

In some cases our parents pretend not to realize the effects of divorce on their children, and the most touching aspect is that children from broken homes suffer the brunt of such marital failures.

A woman was arrested For Allegedly Beating Step-Daughter To Death Over Fried Plantain this is one example of a divorced family 


1. Poverty
2. Parental interference
3. Extra-marital activities
4. Sexual deprivation
5. Early marriage
6. Economic issue
7. Urbanization
8. Lack of respect
9. Divorce occur among the lower class, unemployed and low income level families.

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1. Denial of parental love.
2. Juvenile delinquency: this refers to the act  and behaviours that are contrary to the law that are usually committed by the youths.
3. Inadequate socialization
4. Armed robbery
5. Stealing
6. Drug trafficking
7. Rape issues
And a lot more.

Most student dropped out of schools have involved in those criminal issues and we easily find out they are products of broken homes.


1. Student from divorced home lack essential school material. The lack of essential school materials among students from divorced home can result to their poor school performance.

2. Truancy is common among students from divorced homes. Truancy among students from broken homes can lead to their poor performance in school.
3. Poor school performance among students from divorced home. The psychological problems and emotional instability arising from divorce may result to poor performance of children from divorced homes.
4. Association between the rate of divorce and drop out rate in schools. The increasing rate of drop out may adversely affect the performance of divorce children in school.
5. Students from divorced home are rarely properly fed at home. The irregular feeding of the divorce children may affect their performance in school.

Student from a divorced home
Student from a divorced home

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Many couples quarrel on little matters like:
Late preparation of food
Poor dressing habit
Lack of respect among others so I would advice the Government to embark on enlightenment programme in which couples are advised to visit guidance and marriage counseling units before and after marriage to discourage divorce.

The religious bodies should teach the couples the divine purpose of marriage so that both the husband and wife would know the specific functions as parent to their children.

I would advice the teachers to give special attention to children from broken homes to curb the juvenile delinquent acts.

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