The African man never leaves wife alone, afraid that others love her since she is too beautiful

Everyone in the tribe thought she was very beautiful.

There is a tribe in Africa, in which people think that the fatter the more beautiful. The girl in the photo is called Susan. She is a veritable beauty in this tribe. Everyone in the tribe thought she was very beautiful.

Everyone in the tribe thought she was very beautiful.

Susan’s husband is very proud. After all, it is very respectable to marry the most beautiful girl in the village. At that time, many young men in the village were pursuing Susan. After marriage, Susan’s husband still often worried that his beautiful wife would be taken away by others, so Susan’s husband and his wife were almost inseparable.

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In this tribe, the fatter people actually have more money in their homes, and Susan is no exception. Susan was born in a relatively wealthy family, so Susan is nutritionally adequate. Her parents also kept her eating to make her a great beauty in the tribe.

A happy husband sitting with Susan looks very good, and we hope such a happy couple can continue to live a good life.

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