The choice of career of students

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The choice of career of students

 Choice of career of students which influences every other aspect of life, is a problem encountered by student all over the world, mostly in Nigeria.

Some factors that influence the choice of  career of students are;
Work experiences self concept
Personality values
Job opportunities

Environmental factors such as the physical environment, in which they lives and the culture of the immediate environment can place serious issues on student’s choice of career
The physical environment whether urban or rural in which the child lives and associate with can make indelible mark on the child’s choice of career.


The issue of subject and career among students in general is of importance to the classroom teachers and the parents.


In many occasions, the choice of subjects was normally handled by the students without adequate information about their relatedness especially when the child wants to proceed to tertiary level. In this case the teachers and parents should help the pupils to choose subjects of study that will lead them to successful and purposeful choice of careers at the end of their courses.
In some of their studies, student chooses subjects they are interested in, which is described as “favourite” in this case student have left aside those subjects they usually scored poor Mark’s in, instead they chooses subject they have average marks or above ability. Hence among these group of students, subjects are chosen for some reasons. For a weak student in the science subject may initiate his/her groups to become a medical practitioner


Many people especially students make choice of occupations not because they possess the relevant subjects necessary for the career or vocations, they are interested in, but because of the respect which the career command in the society. Some students may even be admitted but due to the wrong choice of subjects they could not pursue the type of careers in which they have interest in.
Henceforth we are now made to realize that peaceful, conducive and favourable environment is a necessary aspect for development.
I think now we have realize the importance of science and technology for our development, hence, the current search for some gifted children who can help us develop our technology.
The question is how can we know them?

Many students fail to meet certain requirements for admission into higher institutions while some could not even determine the type of career to pursue.
There are many vocations that students are aspiring to pursue, but most students are often faced with the problem of making the right choice.


Physical and business environment.
Financial background of the parents, “we talk about some fact about this, You can also read about: student from a divorced home”

The relationship between parental occupations and students career choice.

The various careers that are interesting to the students.

Culture of the students i.e the values and beliefs have effect on their choice of career.

They various sources from which the students collect information about their subject combination and their careers.


There six personality types and therefore six occupational environment. People choose work and environment that agree with their personality.
Personality types;
1. Artistic
2. Realistic
3. Social
4. Investigative
5. Conventional
6. Enterprising

Career choice is greatly influenced by the experience a child undergoes and the parents play an important role in directing the vocational choice of their children.
The pathway of roles available to the child hence his choice of career is either facilitated on inhibited to a large extent by the experiences that his/her parents make available to him/her.

The choice of career of students


The influence of social class on career choice
One of the most important factors that bear on academic performance and career choice of student is the social stratification to which they belong.

The influence of the physical environment on career choice
The environment with which the family associate can make indelible mark on children’s academic performance and career choice.

The influence of culture on career choice
Each new human being must learn the way of life, that is appreciating the culture in which he/she is born. His gene contributes to the ability to learn, but the culture determine what is learned.

The influence of peer on career choice
If the family exercise the strongest influence on the child, his age mates or peers exert the second strongest. The peer group in which a child is found can determine his choice and success in life.

The influence of school on career choice
The school was a significant agent of socialization, where individuals acquire various attitude, knowledge and skills. In some findings made by the great researchers they made the findings that have indicated a strong relationship between the type of school attended by individuals, the nature of curriculum offerings to which individuals have been exposed to Can influence the career plans or choice.


1. Most students are not from illiterates parents.
2. Students choose varieties of career.
3. Most students prefer career that are prestigious.
4. Students are not influenced by the occupation of their parents.
5. Teachers show little or no interest in student’s career choice.

The choice of career of students

I hereby recommend this to parents/guardians that they should not allow their children/wards to just choose a career without consulting the appropriate authority, they should be directed to the career counselor. Teachers should create more time to guide the students in the career choice early enough by advising them on subject combination and throwing lights on different professions.

Students are advised to consider their interest, ability and scope in their subject choice and vocational or career aspiration.


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