the mother of two who sleeps with her dog, and hanged her two children to death.

Some parents are just plain evil, better yet you can say demonic. A 37 year old woman identified as Lisa Snyder is being charged in a court in Pennsylvania for killing her children and cruelly sleeping with her dog.

How evil could she get she sleeps with her dog, cruelly maltreating it and not only that for no known reason hanged her 8 year old son and four year old son. But as all evildoers are, she denied the accusations and rather pinned the blame on her dead son, saying that it was him who hanged himself and their daughter because he was being bullied in school. Let’s step back a second, even if what she said is true what kind of uncaring parent would allow their young child be so depressed to the point of suicide and murder?

People what do you say to do? do share your thoughts in the comments section

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