Tragic! Man Kills Own Wife And Buries Her Body In Their Kitchen Because She Dumped Him

A man has been reported to kill his wife for dumping him and buried her body in the kitchen in Bayelsa.

According to account given by the Bayelsa State police, the culprit, Monday Uwen, 30-years-old had killed his 26-year-old wife, Blessing Menaboo of sheer jealousy at a fishing camp in Akassa, Bayelsa State.

When asked the reason for killing her, it was later know that the decease had left him for another because he had a woeful character and she couldn’t deal anymore. Angered by this step she had taken, Monday murdered and then dug a grave in their home’s kitchen and buried her there.

Neighbors got to find out about this devious crime he had committed so the immediately called the police and had his arrested and according to the Police PRO, Monday owned up to the crime and confirmed he truly killed blessing, giving the reason he had murdered the deceased.

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