When did we get to this level?Ogun school teens selling classmate to ritualists for N50,000.

When the news broke two days ago of the two secondary school girls luring their classmate to a den of ritualists and selling her off for 50k i was dumbfounded and totally broken.

When i read through the details of the story and understood the whole scenerio I felt like crying and even hurting myself.

That the time 3 girls boarded a taxi from Ijebu ode to Epe where they sold the friend for 50k and headed back, coincidentally they boarded the same taxi back but the driver got suspicions when the girls were sharing bundles of money and couldn’t give him a satisfactory response when he asked of their friend.

Driver calmly drove them to Oke-Oyinbo Police station where they confessed but before the police team could get to the location of the ritualists the bad guys have dismembered the poor girl.

How could those small girls have thought of selling their classmate to ritualist to be killed?

Who have brainwashed them that money ritual and those socalled charms are real?

What kind of civic lessons have we been teaching our kids in school?

What kind of example have we been setting for our future generations?

How can they have the criminal and cold blooded audacity to forego friendship for material gains?

How could our society be the breeding ground for people who care about money but nothing else?

Oh God how could you sit back and just watch this kind of things happen?

Am short of words..

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