Yemi Alade Rejects Marriage Proposal from Man Who Promised to Give Her Twenty Cows

Yemi Alade is a famous Nigerian musician that has achieved global recognition. She has the most watched music video by a Nigerian on YouTube, and has partnered with tons of brands. Now she is revealing that she rejected a proposal from a Masai man whilst filming in East Africa.

Image Source: Twitter

Image Source: Twitter

The Masai are an African tribe predominantly found in East Africa. You can see them particularly in Tanzania and Kenya. She further revealed that the man offered her twenty cows for her hand in marriage. What makes it more intriguing is that his friend said that she is fat, and won’t be able to help in building houses.

Image Source: Twitter

The first and oldest wife’s house is usually the first followed by the second wife’s and the others respectively. A lot of the Maasai Youth are educated and still very cultured, they build houses from a skillful mix of cow dung, mud and water. It truly seems that Yemi Alade is having a great time with them.

Image Source: Twitter

Yemi Alade encountered the tribe while filming her music video for Shekere. The track and visuals feature Grammy award winning act, Angelique Kidjo.

See many Nigerians reactions on social media below;
1. You should hit the gym then, to burn some calories.

2. So Beautiful. Africa has a wonderful culture and intriguing fashion sense.

3. What, you have to build a house, don’t worry my love I’ll build one for us.

4. Let them put the cows in fixed deposit first and we’ll do something about the rest.

5. You are art!

6. I will offer 1000.

7. Did I complain about it? Don’t worry I love it that way.

8. What a lovely costume @yemialade. I love you always.

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